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Calibrating free-living physical activity characteristics across functionally-limited populations using machine-learned accelerometer approaches

Regular physical activity is known to have positive effects on many health outcomes. In research, physical activity is often measured using activity monitors worn on the hip, wrist or ankle. These instruments determine how much physical activity a person does based on the amount of movemen...

Protocol #: 16-2706

NightWare Therapeutic Platform for improving Cardiovascular Health in Adults With Nightmares Associated with PTSD

We are recruiting individuals who experience PTSD-associated nightmares to participate in a research study to help us understand if improving sleep quality, by reducing the impact of nightmares can improve cardiovascular health....

Protocol #: 21-5027

Focus group investigating low-fat diet meal plan for obese women

We are seeking women to participate in a discussion about a low-fat meal plan....

Protocol #: 22-0407

Location: CU Anschutz non-hospital research facilities

Retinal Optical Coherence Tomography in Pre-Dementia Alzheimer's Disease: The Relationship to Amyloid, Cortical Volumes, Cognition, and Visual Fields. (OCT_AD Study)

Protocol #: 17-1956

Location: University of Colorado Hospital

Impact of Fever Prevention in Brain Injured Patients (INTREPID)

Patients randomized to the fever prevention group will have ArcticGel Pads placed on their body. These will be connected to the Arctic Sun System. The system will be programmed to keep the patient's body temperature at 98.6. Treatment will last for 14 days or until ready to be discharge...

Protocol #: 18-0548

Location: University of Colorado Hospital

Informational Meetings for Planning And Coordinating Treatment (IMPACT)

Protocol #: 19-1462

Location: Childrens Hospital Colorado

Hip Morphological and Biochemical Changes after Long-Term Prosthesis Use

Protocol #: 21-2919

Location: Brain Imaging Center (BIC), Department Specific Free Standing Clinic, University of Colorado Hospital

Effect of Lower Limb Osseointegration Amputation across Multiple Biomechanical Domains

This study will use a combination of MRI and motion capture data collected in the laboratory to measure forces at the joints during common activities of daily living....

Protocol #: 20-3097

Location: Brain Imaging Center (BIC), Department Specific Free Standing Clinic, University of Colorado Hospital

Understanding How Sleep Health Affects Recovery from Adolescent Concussion

We will conduct a prospective cohort study, with two groups (concussed and control). They will undergo an initial assessment (within 14 days of concussion) and a follow up ~28 days post-concussion. Controls will follow a similar timeline. During the ~two-week period between Visits 1 & 2, p...

Protocol #: 22-0316

Location: Boulder Health Center, Childrens Hospital Colorado

Back in the Game: An Immediate Functional Progression Program for Adolescent Athletes with Spondylolysis: A Randomized Pilot Trial

Patients will be randomized into IFPP and control groups. The IFPP group will begin physical therapy immediately following spondylolysis diagnosis. The control group will begin physical therapy after reporting pain-free during activities of daily living. Patient-reported outcomes as well a...

Protocol #: 22-0868

Location: Brain Imaging Center (BIC), Childrens Hospital Colorado

Restoring Endothelial Function After Traumatic Injury to Reduce ARDS and Multi-Organ Dysfunction

Blood draws will be completed at baseline, 6-24 hours after arrival, and then daily through study day 7 to evaluate fibrinogen levels and response to trauma....

Protocol #: 23-0581

Location: University of Colorado Hospital