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Pre-IVF treatment with a GnRH antagonist in women with endometriosis - A prospective double-blind placebo-controlled trial JHM IRB
NightWare Therapeutic Platform for improving Cardiovascular Health in Adults With Nightmares Associated with PTSD

We are recruiting individuals who experience PTSD-associated nightmares to participate in a research study to help us understand if improving sleep quality, by reducing the impact of nightmares can improve cardiovascular health....

Improving patient-centered Ob-Gyn care for Black women: Co-designing solutions to mitigate systemic racism, discrimination and bias

CU OB-Gyn providers are committed to addressing racial inequities in healthcare. We invite patients, advocates and members of the community who identify as Black, African American, African, Afro-Latinx or Afro-Caribbean to share your experiences and feedback, especially those that have rec...

Impact of Fever Prevention in Brain Injured Patients (INTREPID)

University of Colorado Hospital

Patients randomized to the fever prevention group will have ArcticGel Pads placed on their body. These will be connected to the Arctic Sun System. The system will be programmed to keep the patient's body temperature at 98.6. Treatment will last for 14 days or until ready to be discharge...

Intermuscular adipose tissue (IMAT) - protagonist in sarcopenia and insulin resistance in humans

Outpatient CTRC, Outpatient CTRC, University of Colorado Hospital

Pilot Trial of Fetoscopic Endoluminal Tracheal Occlusion (FETO) in Severe Right and Left Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH)

Childrens Hospital Colorado

A Multi-Center Randomized Trial of Transanastomotic Tube for Proximal Esophageal Atresia with Distal Tracheoesphageal Fistula Repair

Childrens Hospital Colorado

Comparing using a transanastomotic tube and not using a transanastomotic tube when repairing esophageal atresia with distal tracheoesophageal fistula by collecting different factors related to the procedure....

Outcomes after Standardized Testicular Torsion Management and Follow-up

Childrens Hospital Colorado

Surgical or Medical Treatment for Pediatric Type 2 Diabetes

Childrens Hospital Colorado, University of Colorado Hospital

Surgical or Medical Treatment for Pediatric Type 2 Diabetes (STOMP-T2D) is a prospective, open-label, controlled clinical trial funded by the National Institutes of Health for a period of 5 years. We propose to study 90 participants who are 13-19 years of age and have type 2 diabetes (T2D)...

Feasibility and Limited Efficacy Trial of a Cognitive Behavioral Intervention to Reduce Procedural Anxiety Among Woman with High Risk Pregnancies with Scheduled Cesarean Deliveries

Childrens Hospital Colorado

The use of thoracic epidural, paravertebral nerve blockade and video-assisted intercostal nerve cryoablation for postoperative analgesia after minimally invasive repair of pectus excavatum

Childrens Hospital Colorado

The study is to learn more about treating pain after having a minimally invasive repair of pectus excavatum while randomly assigning different pain methods that are typically used for this procedure....

CRI and Continuous Assessment of Hemodynamic Compensation in Pediatric Trauma Patients

Childrens Hospital Colorado, Childrens National Medical Center

Optimizing pulsatility during cardiopulmonary bypass to reduce acute kidney injury: Prospective Observational Study

University of Colorado Hospital

Blood, urine, and bone marrow will be collected to analyze biomarkers of acute kidney injury risk. Sublingual microscopy will be used to collect images in the mouth. This is to study the following aims: Aim 1: Determine the effect of pulsatility during CPB on endothelial function. We wil...

Double blind randomized trial of post-operative cesarean continuous infusion of bupivacaine for local incisional pain control

Childrens Hospital Colorado

Quantification of Endo- and Phytocannabinoids and Comparison to Pain Medication Requirements for Patients Undergoing Surgery for Cancer

University of Colorado Hospital

To determine how daily cannabis use affects surgical outcomes....

Phase I clinical trial utilizing direct peritoneal resuscitation in liver transplant recipient population at increased risk of return to the operating room and early allograft dysfunction.

University of Colorado Hospital

This study is being conducted to assess the safety of Direct Peritoneal Resuscitation (DPR) in high-risk liver transplant patients. The investigators want to also identify if this method of recovery after large surgery has the same benefits in liver transplant patients as have been appreci...

Multidisciplinary Assessment of Intraoperative Margins in Breast Conserving Surgery - A Pilot Study

University of Colorado Hospital

Understanding How Sleep Health Affects Recovery from Adolescent Concussion

Boulder Health Center, Childrens Hospital Colorado

We will conduct a prospective cohort study, with two groups (concussed and control). They will undergo an initial assessment (within 14 days of concussion) and a follow up ~28 days post-concussion. Controls will follow a similar timeline. During the ~two-week period between Visits 1 & 2, p...

DEFIANCE: ClotTriever vs. Anticoagulation for DVT

Department Specific Free Standing Clinic, Highlands Ranch Hospital, University of Colorado Hospital

This study is a prospective, multicenter, randomized controlled trial of an interventional strategy using the ClotTriever System to achieve and maintain vessel patency (ClotTriever Intervention Arm) versus conservative medical management using anticoagulation therapy alone (Conservativ...

Assessing patient satisfaction, outcomes, and surgical expectations following paraurethral balloons placement for male urinary incontinence.

University of Colorado Hospital

Assessing trends in patient depression, surgical expectations, satisfaction, and effects of health literacy before and after male urinary incontinence surgery.

University of Colorado Hospital

Postoperative Utilization of Incentive Spirometry with and without Electronic Patient Reminders

University of Colorado Hospital

All eligible patients arriving to the PACU every day will be provided with a Vyaire Medical's AirLife volumetric incentive spirometer and instructions to perform 3 IS breaths every 20 minutes until discharge from PACU. The IS device will be set up with the breath volume considered adequate...

Can a Treatment Algorithm for Common Shoulder Complaints Produce a Reliable Initial Diagnosis and Treatment Plan?

Broomfield Hospital, CU Sports Medicine - Denver, Highlands Ranch Hospital, UCHealth Steadman Hawkins Clinic - Denver (Inverness), University of Colorado Hospital

Perioperative Informatics of Colorado (PICO) Database

University of Colorado Hospital

The development of this database will allow us to study various aspects of care provided by members of the Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine (CU-DOA) and their association with perioperative outcomes or hospital resource utilization. The informat...