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Research about alternative ways to measure the amount of hormones from a birth control pill

Participation will last up to 22 days and consist of three study visits. Participation will include taking one pack of birth control pills, containing both desogestrel and ethinyl estradiol. Participants will spend one day (8 hours) in clinic and receive an intravenous (IV) catheter for mu...more >

Protocol #: 21-3936

Location: Comprehensive Women's Health Center

Nexplanon Extension Trial Study

-11 visits over 27 months -Physical exam, pelvic exam, Pap smear (if needed), STI screening -Blood draws -Daily e-diary completion ...more >

Protocol #: 20-2734

Location: Comprehensive Women's Health Center

The effect of rifampin on etonogestrel concentrations in contraceptive implant users

-2 visits lasting 30 minutes -Visit includes a blood draw, pregnancy test, and vital measurements....more >

Protocol #: 19-2829

Locations: Comprehensive Women's Health Center; Department Specific Free Standing Clinic

Birth Control Hormonal Pill Study

-9 visits over 13.5 months -Physical exam, pelvic exam -Trans-vaginal ultrasound, blood draws -Daily e-diary completion...more >

Protocol #: 19-2895

Location: Comprehensive Women's Health Center

Birth Control Hormonal Injection/Shot Study

-36 visits over 9 months -Physical Exam, Pelvic Exam-On screening Visit and Exit visit only -Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound, Blood draws-On every visit -Bleeding Diaries-will be filled collected weekly after Visit 3...more >

Protocol #: 19-2820

Location: Comprehensive Women's Health Center

Effects of Your Genetics on the Contraceptive Implant (Nexplanon®)

1 visit lasting 30 minutes. Visit includes a questionnaire and a blood draw....more >

Protocol #: 16-2462

Location: University of Colorado Hospital