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Birth Control Hormonal Injection/Shot Study

-36 visits over 9 months -Physical Exam, Pelvic Exam-On screening Visit and Exit visit only -Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound, Blood draws-On every visit -Bleeding Diaries-will be filled collected weekly after Visit 3...

Protocol #: 19-2820

Research about the Potential for the Contraceptive Implant as Emergency Contraception

Are you a healthy female between the ages of 18-40? Are you interested in starting Nexplanon®, hormonal birth control that goes in your arm? Are you interested in how your body works, specifically in regard to ovulation? This study is determining if when placing an etonogestrel implant ...

Protocol #: 21-5026

Stressful Perceived Experiences on RNA in Men (SPERM) Study

This study will model the potential effects of the environment, in this case, perceived stress and effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), on human sperm sncRNA. The knowledge to be gained will contribute to the future identification of novel and disease-predictive genetic data in...

Protocol #: 22-0053

Location: CU Anschutz non-hospital research facilities

The Influence of Combined Oral Contraceptives on Weight: A 6-Month Observational Study

**Now only recruiting women interested in starting the Sprintec oral contraceptive pill and willing to remain on it for the 6-month duration of this study** Approximately 15 million women of reproductive age women in the United States have overweight or obesity and use the combined estr...

Protocol #: 21-3969

Location: CTRC-adult, UCHealth-Metro Denver