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Application of transcranial alternating current stimulation for modulation of sleep and cognitive performance

Primary Objective

1).Optimize tACS parameters for duration, intensity and frequencies via utilization of EEG data recorded during tACS stimulation. 2)Determine whether recording artifacts introduced by tACS can confidently be removed from EEG signals. 3). Determine effects of tACS delivered with nested frequencies(multi-frequency signal) vs single frequency tACS, with regard to intrinsic EEG signal, for modulation of SWA coherence and power, as recorded in our overnight EEG sleep data. 4). Determine the cumulative effects of tACS delivered in multiple, consecutive nights on underlying EEG signals, sleep architecture, sleep quality and cognitive function among patients with MCI. 5). Determine if tACS is a viable treatment for disturbances of sleep and cognitive performance among patients with MCI. 6). Generate pilot data and manuscripts to support applications for larger randomized placebo-controlled clinical trials.

Study category: Brain and Nervous System

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Type of Study



Colorado Research Center
Department Specific Free Standing Clinic
University of Colorado Hospital

Principal Investigator
Brice Mcconnell

Brice Mcconnell

Study ID

Protocol Number: 16-1875

More information available at NCT03112902

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