Risk factors in Early Multiple Sclerosis (RisE-MS)

Primary Objective

among asymptomatic first degree relatives (FDRs), aged 18-30, of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients: 1: Determine the prevalence of brain/spine MRI lesions disseminated in space (DIS), consistent with MS 2: Gather data on potential risk factors or early signs related to MS development, including markers for: genes, immunological function, environmental factors, neuroaxonal damage, Vitamin D levels, lipid metabolism, activity levels, mood abnormalities, and cognitive function. From this, develop a risk factor score, incorporating all relevant potential markers of increased risk of DIS. 3: To use this pilot, cross-sectional study as a base for development of a long-term, longitudinal, multi-center study to determine genetic and environmental risks for pre-symptomatic MS 4: To create and maintain a biobank of specimens for future analysis as other potential biomarkers become available.

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Type of Study





Outpatient CTRC
University of Colorado Hospital

Principal Investigator
Photograph of Enrique Alvarez,  MD, PhD

Enrique Alvarez, MD, PhD

Study ID

Protocol Number: 17-1884

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