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Myeloid to Adipocyte Transdifferentiation in Human cells

Primary Objective

This research study plans to learn more about where the fat cells in your body come from. Understanding the origin of fat cells is important because it may help to determine the health of fat cells and why fat that is stored in some places of your body is more "unhealthy" than other fat.

Study category: Healthy Volunteers

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If you join the study, you will complete the following research procedures over the course of 2 study visits: Informed consent, physical exam and medical history, body composition test, blood draw and fat biopsy.




Men and women age 21-40 or 55-100 years old

Detailed Eligibility: Older women will be postmenopausal who are at least 12 months past the final menstrual period. Young women will be premenopausal, have regular menstrual cycles and not taking hormonal contraceptive therapy. BMI range is 22-35 kg/m2. Participants will be non-active to moderately active (vigorous exercise ≤ 3 days/wk lasting < 30 min).


Not Applicable - Describes studies without FDA-defined phases, including studies of devices or behavioral interventions.

Type of Study

Basic Science




University of Colorado Hospital

Principal Investigator
Kathleen Gavin,  PhD

Kathleen Gavin, PhD

Study ID

Protocol Number: 15-1779

More information available at NCT02654925

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