Stressful Perceived Experiences on RNA in Men (SPERM) Study

Primary Objective

This study plans to learn more about the ways that environmental factors such as stress and stressful events affect the physical and genetic characteristics of human sperm.

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This study will model the potential effects of the environment, in this case, perceived stress and effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), on human sperm sncRNA. The knowledge to be gained will contribute to the future identification of novel and disease-predictive genetic data in human sperm and the development of potential predictive biomarkers of key reproductive and developmental measures.

Main Procedures Involved: Potential participants will complete an online pre-screening survey through REDCap. If the potential participant is deemed eligible, they will be scheduled for a 1-hour long virtual screening session over Zoom. Eligible participants will complete monthly study visits for up to 9 months. During visits 1-3, participants will be asked to complete questionnaires about life stress, substance use, and mental health. During visits 4-9, participants will be asked to fill out the same questionnaires as well as provide a semen sample.

Duration of Participation: 9 months


18 to 35 years


Compensation provided


CU Anschutz non-hospital research facilities

Study ID

Protocol Number: 22-0053

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