PANTHER: Puberty, diAbetes, aNd THe kidnEys, when eustress becomes distress

Primary Objective

In this research study, we aim to measure insulin resistance, glomerular filtration rate (how well your kidneys are filtering your blood), kidney blood flow and oxygenation. These careful examinations will help us figure out how puberty and obesity effects type 2 diabetes and diabetic kidney disease so we can inform future prevention and treatment efforts.

Study category: Diabetes & Hormone Disorders

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The study visits will be at the outpatient Clinical & Translational Research Center (CTRC) at Children’s Hospital Colorado. This study takes place over 3 years. The day 1 and day 2 visits are the same each year and will take place approx. 12 months apart.

Main Procedures Involved: Screening (approx. 1 hour): • Obtain consent. • Medical history and demographic information to determine eligibility. • Diet, medication, exercise and fasting instructions. Day 1 (approx. 4 hours): • 24-hour home Urine Collection. • 7-day glucose monitoring. • Urine and Blood will be collected. • DXA scan. • IV Glucose Tolerance Test. • Physical exam and puberty staging. Day 2 (approx. 6 hours): • Kidney MRI. • Kidney function test. • Urine and Blood will be collected.


8 to 14 years




Childrens Hospital Colorado

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