Teen Brain Imaging Study

Primary Objective

We are researching how irritability affects the brain's processing of social information.

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Irritability in youth is associated with anxiety, depression and suicidality later in life. Treating irritability early may prevent negative outcomes. A promising way to treat irritability is to address negative bias. Understanding biased social judgments has become a major focus of social psychology. We aim to study how teens with and without clinical irritability make these social judgments. This can lead to developing new diagnostic tests and treatment.

Main Procedures Involved: Teen and a parent will complete questionnaires on an iPad about the teen's mental and physical health. The teen will complete a brain MRI while listening to social stories and answering questions about the story.

Duration of Participation: One in person visit on the Anschutz Campus, 3.5 hours long.


CU Anschutz non-hospital research facilities

Principal Investigator
Photograph of Joel Stoddard,  MD

Joel Stoddard, MD

Study ID

Protocol Number: 20-2633

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