Postoperative Utilization of Incentive Spirometry with and without Electronic Patient Reminders

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All eligible patients arriving to the PACU every day will be provided with a Vyaire Medical's AirLife volumetric incentive spirometer and instructions to perform 3 IS breaths every 20 minutes until discharge from PACU. The IS device will be set up with the breath volume considered adequate based on recommendations for each patient's gender, age and height. The bottom of the IS device will be attached to the InSee monitor.. The InSee monitor will be removed when the patient is transferred to the floor, and they will keep the IS device only as per usual care protocol at the University of Colorado Hospital. PACU discharge and disposition will be decided strictly by the patient's clinical team. Participation in this study will not prolong or affect in any manner the care provided in the PACU. In alternating weeks, all patients will have the InSee monitor with either auditory and visual notification signals "ON" or "OFF", but they will not know which cohort they will be participating in.




Inclusion Criteria - Must be 18 years or older - Have undergone surgery at UCHealth under general anesthesia - Must have an incentive spirometry order from their provider/incentive spirometry is standard of care - Must not have severe hearing or impaired visual acuity deficiency Exclusion Criteria - Vulnerable populations; i... e., pregnant women, children, and prisoners - Patients that have not undergone surgery at UCHealth under general anesthesi - Do not have an incentive spirometry order from their physician, or incentive spirometry is not standard of care - Has a severe hearing or impaired visual acuity deficiencyInclusion Criteria Patients must meet all of the following inclusion criteria in order to participate in the study: - must be 18 years or older; - have undergone a surgical procedure at the University of Colorado Hospital under general anesthesia; - have incentive spirometry ordered by their provider, or incentive spirometry must be part of the study site's standard-of-care which is implemented by hospital staff; - not have severe hearing or impaired visual acuity deficiency, in that they cannot hear or see the audible and visual signal of the InSee monitor. Exclusion Criteria The patient may not participate in the study if they meet any of the following criteria: - have a severe hearing or visual acuity impairment that prevents them from hearing or seeing the audible and visual signals of the InSee monitor; - have the inability to perform incentive spirometry due to refusal, cognitive impairment, neuromuscular weakness, anatomical or any other reasons (e.g., tracheotomy, oral surgery, unable to hold incentive spirometry device); - are a part of a vulnerable population (e.g., pregnant, minors, prisoners).


University of Colorado Hospital

Principal Investigator
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Ana Fernandez-Bustamante

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Protocol Number: 23-2470

More information available at NCT06304493

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