The Effects of Hemp-Derived CBD on the Neural Basis of Cannabis-Cue and Emotion Related Processing

Primary Objective

1. Determine whether hemp-derived CBD alters cannabis cue-related neural response. A subsample of 52 participants will be recruited from the larger Project 1 ( emerging adult ) randomized controlled trial comparing 400mg/day hemp-derived CBD to placebo. We will conduct a functional MRI scan at enrollment and after 8 weeks in the trial. During the scan, we will conduct a cue-reactivity paradigm with cannabis-related imagery. Figure 1. Data from our laboratory using the Emotion Regulation Task is consistent with meta-analyses. This figure shows the decrease > look-negative contrast (N = 75 participants) with voxel-wise p < 0.001. Warm colors indicate greater activation during reappraisal, cool colors indicate greater activation during passive viewing. 2. Determine whether hemp-derived CBD alters emotion-related neural response. During the scans, we will administer an emotion regulation task. This will allow us to examine response to negative imagery and ability to modify emotional experience via cognitive control1.

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We will recruit young adults (ages 18-25). Participants will be selected to achieve a diverse gender and ethnic sample, with roughly balanced male/female participation We will enroll up to 75 participants to achieve a sample size of ~52 participants with usable data.




Inclusion criteria: 1. Ages 18-25 2. Participant must have been enrolled in study #23-0954 (PI: Hopfer) Exclusion criteria: 1. For female participants, pregnancy or trying to become pregnant, as indicated by a urine pregnancy test administered at the beginning of each study visit... 2. We will exclude participants who have contraindications for MRI scans, such as metal in the body, stents, braces, or are taking medications that alter hemodynamic response (e.g. insulin, blood pressure medication) 3. History of loss of consciousness for more than 10 minutes.


Brain Imaging Center - BIC
Outpatient CTRC

Principal Investigator
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Joshua Gowin

Study ID

Protocol Number: 23-2098

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