Lipids to Energy (LTE) Research Study

Primary Objective

This research study is being done to learn more about how fat is used as a source of energy in males with 47,XXY / Klinefelter syndrome (KS) compared to typical males.

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The Lipids to Energy (LTE) study at the University of Colorado – AMC is recruiting males aged 15-30 years old with or without a diagnosis of Klinefelter Syndrome (KS). Research study participation starts with a 2.5-3 hour screening visit that includes a blood draw, physical exam, DXA body scan, and maximal exercise test. All participants then wear a sleep watch and activity monitor for one week and complete daily surveys related to activity level, food intake, and sleep.. After the screening visit, eligible participants will be invited to schedule the full study visit (~5 hours). The study visit involves Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), a submaximal exercise test, blood draws before and after exercise, and a muscle biopsy from the lower leg. Participants with KS will then receive fenofibrate medication for 1-month followed by a final study visit identical to the full study visit above. Compensation is provided. Individuals with KS may earn up to $700 for completing the study, and control participants may earn up to $375 for completing the study. If you or someone you know is interested in participating in the LTE study, please contact our team at to see if you qualify.


Child to Adult


Males with or without Klinefelter syndrome who are 15-30 years of age


Outpatient CTRC

Principal Investigator
Photograph of Shanlee Davis

Shanlee Davis

Study ID

Protocol Number: 21-2860

More information available at NCT05498090


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