Using Oscillometry in Toddler Aerodigestive Patients to Monitor Lung Function Response to Treatment

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In this study, we will 1. Assess different mouthpiece options to help make the test easier to do in young children 2. Obtain AOS measurements in children who are patients in the aerodigestive clinic at Children's Hospital Colorado 3. Compare these measurements to those obtained in children who do not have respiratory conditions If you join the study, your child will be asked to perform a breathing test called oscillometry. This breathing test can be done during your upcoming clinical appointment at Children's Hospital Colorado. To do the test your child will sit in a chair or your lap and breathe normally into a machine. The machine will take measurements to see if the lungs are blocked or if the lungs are either stretchy or stiff. The test will be repeated several times.




1. Age 4-6 years old, or 2. Age 18 months to 6 years old and patient in CHCO Aerodigestive Program, or 3. Age 18 months to 6 years old and no respiratory or aerodigestive conditions

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Childrens Hospital Colorado

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Photograph of Katharine Smith,  PhD

Katharine Smith, PhD

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