Werewolf FLOW 50 During ACL Reconstruction: A Randomized Control Trial

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Participation in this study will not affect the pre, post, or intra-operative care of ACL reconstruction in any way other than either the use of the use of the Werewolf FLOW 50 device or not and the performance of MRI at 6 months postoperative. All involvement and participation will be completely voluntary. The MRI taking place at 6 months post-operative is the only study data point that is additional to our institutional standard of care for treatment of ACL injuries.




Inclusion Criteria i. Ages 12-18 (inclusive) at time of surgery ii. Scheduled to undergo ACL reconstruction performed at Children’s Hospital Colorado or associated network of care site. Exclusion Criteria i. Underlying congenital or musculoskeletal disorders ii. Pregnant females, prisoners, and wards of the state iii. Persons deemed incompetent and those who have limited decision-making capacity

Type of Study

Outcomes Research




Brain Imaging Center (BIC)
Childrens Hospital Colorado

Principal Investigator
Photograph of Jay Albright,  MD

Jay Albright, MD

Study ID

Protocol Number: 20-2720

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