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The use of Libre to educate, motivate and activate adults with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes to improve metabolic control and reduce their reliance on medication: A pilot study.

Primary Objective

The goal is to study a non-medication treatment for adults newly diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) that uses a lifestyle program and continuous glucose monitoring to see if this reduces or prevents the need for diabetes medications.

Study category: Diabetes & Hormone Disorders

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What will be asked of you: Eligible participants will be asked to follow a lifestyle program for a total of 4 months, complete one (virtual) assessment, and complete questionnaires at the beginning and end of the study. All participants will receive: - A Freestyle Libre 2 continuous blood glucose meter and supplies for 3 months - A Fitbit? activity monitor - A treatment manual and diary




You may qualify if you: - Have been diagnosed with T2D in the past 12 months - Are between the ages of 35 and 85 - Have an A1c level between 6.5% and 11.5% - Are not taking any diabetes medication

Type of Study

Outcomes Research


Department Specific Free Standing Clinic

Principal Investigator
Tamara Oser,  MD

Tamara Oser, MD

Study ID

Protocol Number: 20-2470

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