Salmon intake and gut health in adults

Primary Objective

DID SOMEONE SAY FREE SALMON?!? We need your help to learn more about how consuming salmon, and its bioactive compound astaxanthin, effects gut health and inflammation, as well as the underlying mechanisms linking whole food to health. The findings from this study will potentially inform future dietary recommendations and interventions, thereby reducing inflammation-associated diseases in humans.

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You may be eligible if: - You are between 30 and 70 years old - Your BMI is between 25 and 40 (check with this BMI calculator https://www. - Exercise 3 hours/week or less - Not on any glucose lowering medications This study consists of two 4-week intervention periods and will last a total of 18 weeks. Participants will be randomized into one of two groups, with the only difference being the type of salmon consumed during the first intervention period. Participants will get the alternate salmon during the second intervention. The main difference between the salmons is that one is higher in astaxanthin than the other. Study food and compensation will be provided!

Main Procedures Involved: - Health and family history questionnaires - Collection of urine, stool, and blood - Height and weight - Diet records collected throughout the study

Duration of Participation: 18 weeks (two four-week interventions separated by a five-week washout period)


30 to 70 years



between 30-50 years old, have a BMI between 30-40, participate in less than 3 hours/week of moderate or high intensity exercise, do not smoke tobacco

Type of Study



Compensation Provided

Principal Investigator
Photograph of Minghua Tang,  PhD

Minghua Tang, PhD

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