Research about a birth control pill for emergency contraception

Primary Objective

Are you interested in how your body works, specifically regarding ovulation?

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To research how a single dose of an oral contraceptive pill, Drospirenone, affects ovulation (the process of egg release from the ovary).

Main Procedures Involved: Participation will last up to 6 weeks and consist of visits around the time of ovulation. Participation will include taking a single dose of the oral contraceptive, Drospirenone. Participants will come to clinic for transvaginal ultrasounds and blood draws every other day around the time of ovulation and then daily for up to 7 days following administration of Drospirenone..

Duration of Participation: Last up to 6 weeks


18 to 35 years




Comprehensive Women's Health Center
CTRC Inpatient
University of Colorado Hospital

Principal Investigator
Photograph of Paige Kendall

Paige Kendall

Study ID

Protocol Number: 22-2178

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