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The Cardiovascular Multi-dimensional Observational Investigation of the Use of PCSK9 Inhibitors (cvMOBIUS)

Study category: Heart and Blood Conditions

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While you are taking part in in the study, you will see your doctor as usual. Your doctor will make notes (medical records) about your disease and its treatment as he/she normally would. For the next 5 years, a study coordinator at your doctor’s office will collect information from your doctor’s notes about your medical condition and treatments, including any medication changes.




History of hospitalization for coronary artery disease/ atherosclerosis within the past 12 months and previous diagnosis of hyperlipidemia.


IV - Research Studies occurring after FDA has approved a drug for marketing. These studies gather additional information about a drug's safety, efficacy, or optimal use.

Type of Study



Memorial Hospital Central
Memorial Hospital North

Principal Investigator
Timothy Hegeman

Timothy Hegeman

Study ID

Protocol Number: 19-6518

More information available at NCT04197453

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