Pharmacology of Marijuana During Pregnancy

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This study will enroll pregnant women who use marijuana during their pregnancy and ask them to provide urine and blood samples at two prenatal visits. At delivery they will again be asked to provide blood and urine samples, the placenta, as well as blood from the baby's umbilical cord. Survey's collecting demographic information and marijuana usage will also be administered at each visit. Levels of marijuana will be measured in all samples, and information about the pregnancy and delivery course, maternal health, and infant health will be collected from medical records.




Pregnant women who report marijuana usage to a healthcare provider during prenatal visits

Inclusions: Pregnant women who report marijuana usage during their pregnancy English or Spanish speaking Exclusions: Multiples pregnancy Incarceration Known anomalous or demised fetuses

Type of Study



Childrens Hospital Colorado
University of Colorado Hospital

Principal Investigator
Photograph of Erica Wymore,  MD

Erica Wymore, MD

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