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Valence and Arousal Ratings of Affective Images in Reproductive Aged Women (Females' Affective Image Ratings - FAIR Study)

Primary Objective

To investigate ratings of digital images across the female menstrual cycle

Study category: Behaviors and Mental Health

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If you join the study, you will participate in two study sessions, which can be completed either in-person (at Anschutz Medical Campus, in Aurora, CO) or remotely - over the internet, over the course of 2 months. The first part of the study is the screening session. During this session, the research staff will conduct an interview with you and complete questionnaires about your medical and mental health history, and your mood. The second and last part of the study is the test session. During this session, you will complete surveys about your mood, and you will rate 160 digital images. Forty of those images will be pleasant, 40 will be unpleasant, 40 will be neutral, and 40 will be erotic. You will rate these images on scales of how pleasant/unpleasant and of how arousing/non-arousing you find these images.

Main Procedures Involved: 1. Surveys/interviews 2. Rating of images

Duration of Participation: Two sessions - each lasts 1 hour.


18 to 35 years


Not Applicable - Describes studies without FDA-defined phases, including studies of devices or behavioral interventions.

Type of Study







Department Specific Free Standing Clinic
University of Colorado, Boulder

Principal Investigator
Andrew Novick

Andrew Novick

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