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Mechanisms for Sleep/Circadian Disruption-Induced Impairments in Bone Formation

Study category: Healthy Volunteers

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We are looking for healthy men to participate in a research study on the effects of sleep restriction on bone. The purpose of this research is to understand how shortened sleep affects bone metabolism. The study includes an intervention phase consisting of a 1-week outpatient and 8-night inpatient stay. Participants will be observed after discharge from the intervention phase for 3 weeks. Principal Investigator, Christine Swanson, MD, MCR (COMIRB #18-0015)




Healthy men aged 20-65 years old who habitually sleep 7-9 hours per night.


Not Applicable - Describes studies without FDA-defined phases, including studies of devices or behavioral interventions.

Type of Study

Outcomes Research


University of Colorado Hospital

Principal Investigator
Christine Swanson,  MD, MCR

Christine Swanson, MD, MCR

Study ID

Protocol Number: 18-0015 NCT03733483

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